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Learn to Manage Your Empath Energy and Connect More Deeply With Your Divine

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People......
Master Your Energy with Practical Steps.

If you've ever had the experience of easily feeling other people's emotional states, and are able to feel subtle spiritual or emotional energy, then the chances are that you are an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person.

Empath Traits
If you're an empath or sensitive person, you will generally have the following traits:
  • You are a good listener, often a magnet for other people's stories.
  • You feel emotions deeply and cry easily, often for no reason.
  • You have good intuition, especially when it comes to other people. You can 'just know' what someone might be experiencing.
  • You may often become over-stimulated in public places like malls.

The Complete Empath Toolkit series is described as being for empaths or highly sensitive people, you don't have to identify with either of those words or labels to benefit from this information.

You just have to want to learn how to better manage your energy and connect more deeply with your Divine, intuitive, and Spiritual gifts.
  • Harnessing the healing power of the elements for healing (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, Ether). 
  • Working with animal spirits & how to dialogue with your animal guides. 
  • Calling forth the energies of the planets. 
  • How to use the power of the plant kingdom. 
  • Tinctures & elixirs. 
  • Preserving and using sexual energy for healing. 
  • Sacred geometry & color therapy. 
  • Intuition development exercises. 
  • How to use the power of the Four Directions & how they are related to the Cross (a symbol of protection for empaths). 
  • Calling forth and developing a relationship with protective spirits. 
  • An exercise to allow you to see the human aura and energy field; it works in 85 percent of individuals who attempt it.
And more....
  • Energy protection when handling coins & money. 
  • The healthiest position to place the body to release negative energy. 
  • Using your spiritual powers to open and work with your 'assemblage point'. 
  • 'Brain gym' for unified consciousness. 
  • Shifting consciousness with dimensional work. 
  • The best foods to promote grounding. 
  • How to bypass the ego/mind and trust your intuition. 
  • How to use the tongue to eliminate trauma and old energy. 
  • Creating your own personal shield. 
  • Reflexology - powerful exercises specific for sensitive people. 
  • Energy technology to clear chakras. 
  • The best stones & crystals to fine tune and balance your sensitivity. 
  • Powerful energy 'tune-up' exercises that take only seconds. 
  • The 'Law of the Cure' and how to use it to clear negative energy. 
  • Male vs. Female energy and why it's important for sensitive people. 
  • How to talk to your organs - and have them respond. 
  • How to harness the power of the breath. 
  • Alternate nostril breathing and why it's so important for us. 
  • How to use Rajasic and Tamasic energy. 
  • How to merge consciousness and pray to the spirit of fire and water. 
  • What is Heyoka - and why it's important for you as an empath 
  • Symbols, numbers, cranial-sacral fluid, remote viewing; 

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